Tuesday, March 11, 2014


it was Saturday morning. i woke up earlier because i went to bed much more earlier that night. the first thing i did was logged on to my Facebook and Twitter account, scrolling at updates by whom i followed and listed as my friends in FB. and suddenly I saw a Tweet by someone, praying for MH370 that hasn't arrived in Beijing according to its schedule. that time was around 7 o'clock. after scrolling so much, not so many people posted updates regarding the matter.

however it became trending after that. that day i feel something different. i feel worried, i was afraid on what happened to the crews and passengers. only Allah and them know. i tried to put myself in their boats and the only thing that i hope is they will be fine.

today is the third day and SAR is still ongoing. miracles can happen and i believe in Allah. i believe that even there will be something sad He choose to happen, there will still be smile behind the tears. i know the feeling of waiting for someone that we don't know his whereabouts, his condition and so on is very painful. but Allah's love will cure it. as long as we believe that we are His and to Him we return.

i know none of the people on the aircraft. but i understand the feeling of their beloved ones. some asked, what else you could do in this kind of situation? my answer is pray. i can only pray that they will be found safe and sound. i can only pray that even if they leave us first, at least we know where they are buried. maybe i can only tweet and post status but i hope my prayer, our prayer will be heard. most importantly, this thing can change something that we never realize before this. it could be our mistake, our bad attitude and others. it can be anything. but always know that things that can change us does come in many ways.

i'm not sure what i've been talking about. i just feel that i want to express my thought. i hope all of us pray for their safety and pray that the SAR will be eased. forgive my bad English (huhu). i know, we are together. we are united because we share the same feeling. let's never give up and lose hope. 

MH370, my prayer will always be with you. may Allah ease.

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