Saturday, September 19, 2015

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trial

Greetings =D

if you watched The Maze Runner, then watching the sequel is a MUST!! 

although the superior reason of why i watched The Scorch Trial is due to Newt and Minho (both of them are so hot unfortunately Minho is Ms. Hayoung's), but the sequel is truly amazing. since it is a continuation from the first movie, i expected it to be more adventurous and the conflict is more challenging. and the movie did achieve my expectation.

throughout the 2 hours watching The Scorch Trial, i could almost never get to breathe properly as the scenes are full with suspense element as well as they always encountered unexpected things. sounds like a horror movie and you can name it if you share the same feeling with me. well, i guess any movie that featured zombie in it should be categorized under horror movie, right?

to those who haven't watch it, please do so. i am looking forward to the next prequel entitled The Death Cure. i haven't read the book so i guess i have to make some time for it. 

for those who didn't get to watch The Maze Runner, actually The Maze is a place where an experiment is being conducted and the subjects ( which are called Gladers) were sent to the Glade. every month new boy was sent together with supplies for the Gladers. The Maze was built to test their capability to escape which signify their brain activities. and for your information, it was revealed in The Scorch Trial that The Maze that we saw in The Maze Runner is actually one of many Mazes that were built. 

one of the interesting point regarding The Glade is all members are boys. Teresa (the last member) is the only girl. so i thought that it would be nice if i were to sent there because the boys are good looking. however on my second thought i think it would be nicer if i were not because surviving in the Glade is much more challenging compared to surviving in dental school =P

this is Newt, portrayed by Thomas Brodie-Sangster. he grows very well that when you compare with his self when he starred  in Love Actually, the only thing that changed is his height (that means he is sooo cute)

thanks for reading =) hope you guys enjoy watching Maze Runner: The Scorch Trial~