Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Sweet Two Months

When I learned the fact that I had to extend another two months, I thought it would be long enough for me to cherish every moment left, so that when it has come to an end, I would be able to left the nostalgic place with a smile.

But when the day came, I realized that I was wrong. My heart felt empty all of sudden. It was heavy seeing the cubicles that we used for the past two months empty and seeing the DSC room which we officially called it our office quiet without our laugh and chattering. Sadness and emptiness quickly filled me when I had to left without being able to greet some of us for the last time.

To eleven girls that have been there by my side for the past two months, thank you so much. Words can't describe how much I am thankful to you girls.
Thank you for being there, for lending your ears, opinions and time whenever we had something to spill. 
Thank you for seeing the good in me. Thank you for greeting me with smile every morning because I couldn't stay in hostel due to some reasons. 
Thank you for laughing at my jokes. 
Thank you for assisting me whenever I had trouble doing treatment.
Thank you for saying 'rindu kakpah' and sorry for not confessing that deep inside I miss all of you so much too.

Thank you for everything.

I'm gonna miss all of you after this. I would miss everyone and their unique characters. No one can replace them in my heart because they have a special place in my heart.

That day might be our farewell, but there's no such thing in a true friendship because however it is we're gonna make it until forever.