Monday, August 3, 2015


Assalamu'alaikum *mukaketat* 

eh eh bukan bagi salam kena muka ceria ke hahah..

anyway as i mentioned in previous post, my dad was diagnosed with myocardial infarction, a type of heart disease where one vessels that supplies oxygen to his heart was blocked by blood clot resulting in inability for the heart to pump blood to other parts of body like usual. alhamdulillah he was discharged from the hospital together with 7 types of medication prescribed. until the moment i typed this sentence, so far he is in stable condition.

however, there are several things that keep mingling in my mind and it worries me soooo much because they affect my dad's condition. somehow i feel like to burst  to someone but i dont know how to express it.

first, many people visited my dad after knowing his condition up till now. some of them shared their experiences, how they managed it and what they practice to survive until now. what disturb me the most is when they shared about something that is illogical and that thing obviously affect my dad's condition. for example, one of the uncle told my dad that when he got the attack, he felt the same way that my dad had and luckily at that moment, there was a cigaratte inside his pocket. he quickly light it up and take a deep breath using the smoke. after that, the attack relieved.

my dad is a chronic smoker and obviously smoking habit is one of the risk factor for a person to get ischemic heart disease (myocardial infarction is one of it). by telling that he was relieved by smoking, can you get what i mean? my dad stopped smoking since the attack but i am really afraid if he continues that habit due to that uncle experience. there are some others that shared too, where they think by doing so can avoid my dad from worried. instead, they tell all those story that make him more worried and try at his best to avoid seeing doctor. honestly, i hate this kind of person.

well, being a girl, holding just a dentist-to-be title, with age just 23 years old, of course i have no reason to interrupt and object what that uncle said because we Malay are so 'budak-budak tak boleh menyampuk cakap orang tua'. 

second, before discharged, he was given few documents to be brought to Hospital Serdang for next follow up. included are the copies of ECG, referral letter and some of investigations' result that were performed during the admission. by looking at those document, i agree with the diagnosis that was made by the doctor in HoSHAS because they have done all investigations needed thus diagnosis can be made based on it. as a medical/dental practitioner, NO DIAGNOSIS CAN BE MADE UNTIL INVESTIGATION IS DONE. so, people, if the doctor said that you have to wait certain time before the result come out, just listen to them. their income NEVER GET HIGHER WHEN YOU HAVE TO WAIT  LONGER. however, according to a practitioner (private), my dad is lucky because he was only SUSPECTED, not DIAGNOSED with that type of heart disease. due to that reason, he started to disobey some of the doctor's advice such as to control his diet, no driving in 6 weeks ( till the moment i wrote this, we just passed 2nd week but he already drives) and much severe, not compliant to his medications. 

learning the nature of the disease and knowing that my dad possess all risk factors, i can just be patient and strong because in anytime, anywhere, the second attack may occur. 

but i always believe in miracle because Allah is powerful. anything can happen under His will. but please understand, every steps that doctors take, every medication prescribed, every blood sample that they have to withdraw, it is all because they are trying at their best to save you. and for every time they did it, they always put their hope to Allah. this is one of the 'ikhtiar' hence nothing wrong with doing it. it is us, who need to understand why they do that.

i am writing this because i am angry to those that give bad perspective towards doctors. to those who believe that unknown health product based on testimonies are better than drugs that were tested for decades before they were permitted to be administered in patients. to those who put their faith on one's experience and being deaf to statistically proven cases. to those who haven't go through 5/6 years of medical school but then proudly claimed to have knowledge and object doctors.

finally, i guess there are several things that you need to practice whenever you visits someone sick:

  1. tak perlu bagi nasihat bukan2, macam yang pakcik cakap kat ayah aku pasal rokok tu.
  3. tak perlu bagi apa2 pendapat, kecuali kalau anda seorang DOKTOR BERTAULIAH. kalau tak, pergi duduk diam2 atau tak perlu duduk lama2 sebab anda mesti tahu adab ziarah rumah orangkan. 
all you need to have is logic and sense. full stop.