Friday, July 31, 2015

cerita Raya 2015

Assalamu'alaikum =)

i know it's 15th Syawal already and this blog has not been updated for months. i dont even noticed how long has been passed because i was too preoccupied with my final exams, clinic, assignments, engagement, etc. today, i'm in my second week of my final semester break but believe it or not, i am updating this from the desktop in my class.

yes, my Year 4 class.



anyway, Selamat Hari Raya guys. Maaf Zahir Batin too for any mistakes, any wrong choice of word and attitude since the first time we know each other. i hope Ramadhan taught us something and may we be 'istiqamah' in practicing every amal that we did even in non-Ramadhan months.

well, my Raya story is not as fun as others. though me and my family get to celebrate Aidilfitri in both my parents' hometown, we were tested on 2nd day of Syawal.

my dad collapsed while we were visiting one of my mom's aunty. everyone panicked and so do i. i dont even remember what should i do in this kind of emergency situation and i cant recalled Dr. Azura's lecture on emergency management. other uncles and aunties tried to help based on their experiences while the only thing that i managed to say was, someone please call the ambulance. my mother and siblings were all crying but i couldnt do anything because for  few minutes, my feeling were mixed, panic, thinking of the emergency management, can i do CPR at this state? is it reasonable to do that? i even tried to identify GCS while forgetting the proper way to identify it. 

i kept repeating that sentences until one of my uncle told me that they called the ambulance and we are waiting for its arrival. dont speak about GTN or aspirin, because only after my dad was rushed to emergency department of HoSHAS my memories returned. 

my nenek asked,

" awok belajar mende kat skoloh kalau jadi gini?"

read it in Temerloh accent.

i cant answer it, nenek.

i cant blame 'first-time-experience'. i learned it in school yet i am not professional to apply it when it happen. plus it happened to my dad.

in emergency department, he was managed in red zone. some of my siblings were brought to my aunt's house because it is located 2 minutes from HoSHAS and some of us waited in hospital including me. only one visitor was allowed and my mom waited inside. sometimes she will come out and tell us the update.

mom said dad's blood sample was withdrawn and tested. the result showed that 'something' increase and 'ubat cair darah' was administered. she also said that soon after the medicine was administered, his gum bleed due to the side effect of the drug. at that moment, i only thought of streptokinase and i assumed the attack just now is myocardial infarction. my heart brokes hearing that. 

i have experienced seeing bleeding gum of my patients, be it spontaneously due to gum disease that they have or during scaling and it is not something pleasant. streptokinase affect systemically thus it manifested orally as gum bleeding. knowing that, i know that my dad's condition is very serious. i was thinking of many things, like i haven't completed my degree yet, if something happened to my dad, who will earn and support my family financially and etc. 

at night, he was transferred to CCU (cardio care unit) and we take turns to take care of him. few days later, he was transferred to regular ward before he was discharged on Wednesday (21st July if i'm not mistaken). finally, we returned to KL on Thursday and forgot that we are still in Syawal.

heyya #theonlybatch still remember this?
so, i haven't enjoyed my break properly yet because now i have to do my final year project and i'm gonna have CD posting on 3rd week of August. simply said, i have no break. last year's semester breaks, i spent some of them in India (gosh i havent completed the second part of the post yet), some in campus and some in home. 

whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger (eh tetiba)

whatever it is, this my Raya story and this is how i'm gonna spend my break. 

anyway, thanks for reading! doakan dapat idea elok2 untuk share cerita elok2 kat blog ni. pemalas sungguh rasanya.