Saturday, December 4, 2010

something about new semester (???)

salam...welcome home cik 'afifah!! finally,it's weekend that i've wait since week ago. second semester has started and still,i am adpting myself in this new semester and the most important thing is i have to force myself not to be lazy all the times and i have to retire from being a full-time sleeping come i labelled myself sleeping beauty?yeah..why not.i arrived home with my father at almost 8 o'clock yesterday and around 10, i was in blanket. and today, i woke around 8...hehehe....suddenly, i asked myself, what i've done till my body felt so tired? i thought i was doing nothing since the schedule for this semester seems not too pack. and...good news from this semester is i just have to take 6 subject, compared to my schoolmates that taking medicine course (haha...sorry atikah,fariza and yasmeen...don't intend to hurt you).but still,that doesn't mean i don’t have to be hardworking because i don’t have any guarantee that i can pursue my studies in dentistry next year.

Something new this semester? Of course. Starting from this week, we (me,yasmeen,atikah,fariza and other friends) are not having same lecture class anymore. That’s why our schedule seems a bit weird. Imagine that on Tuesday, my class start at 11 o’clock and finish at 5.30. of course i am happy for this particular day but at Thursday, i start my class at 8.30 and finish at 4.30,full with lectures and tutorial also with only single hour for us to have break.oh! i forgot the most important thing. My biology tutorial is held in this day at 3.30 to 4.30.oh no!!i am worry about my biology test that will be held every alternate’s okay.let’s look at Friday,i have only one-hour-lecture which is chemistry and after that, we have about 5 hours break,before we continue the physics lecture at 2.30.huhu.....hope i will not waste any time and fill it with something beneficial.

Okay, this semester, i was chosen as the class representative assistant for the class representative.hahahaha.....can anyone believe? I was shocked when farah mentioned that our English teacher had chose me since i am the suitable one for that job. Honestly, i don’t have good skills in communicating with boys. Just ask yasmeen, she laughed when i discussed with a boy in school two years ago. Although it was just a simple discussion, but she said i was so ‘gelabah’ at that time.i know that this can be develop from time to time. Oh..i just pray that i hope i can do this job perfectly (eventhough we are just human,nobody perfects). And...i hope i will not burden you,mr class rep.hope we can work together and i hope no one among us will be killed (in case we have any fight in opinions).

Nothing more to share. I said to fariza that i might write new entry about leader, but since i am still in mood of i-miss-my laptop-why-virus-destroy-our-relationship and also in mood i-have-no-feel-when-i-write-new-entry-at-different-pc, so i might have to postpone it till the suitable time, where at that time, my laptop has return in good health.

Okay, till we meet again!!

Interesting!Let’s remind ourselves by reading this article kisah lobak,telur dan coklat panas.

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Fariza yang kena belajar 7 subjek utk sem2 > said... [balas komen ini~]

english to-die-for! congrats! ^^
oh.sory sbb kau sampai umah dekat2 pukul8.*bow*
7subjek-6subjek=1subjek...1je kata ICT tu objektif aku kan terer main dadu.haha
you'll be a dentist 1 day..insyaAllah~
"Starting from this week, we (me,yasmeen,atikah,fariza and other friends) are not having same lecture class anymore."---sdey kot...terasa ade kekosongan T_T
kau nak exaggerat klas kau mula pkl11 ke?*dush3* haha
huiyo..hyper jd PKD2.hebat!jgn risau.tetapkan pada hati,cabaran ini akan membuatkan iman kau lebih kukuh...percayalah!iman kau dibina bkn utk diruntuhkan oleh yg berkaitan! fighting! ^_^
dan wat yg terakhir kali,semoga laptop kau cepat sembuh! ^^

'afifah azam said... [balas komen ini~]

hahaha...mmg kekosongan tau...takde hal pun..ayah ko bg tumpang pun aku sgt berterima kasih..sgt3...hahaha...ala,amek 6 subjek,sewajarnye aku boleh tumpu lebih kt subjek2 tu.hrp2 dpt ok.main dadu?aku cdgkn satu cara yg islamik sket.sape ntah ajar aku dlu.bce basmalah sambil pilih jwpn tu.kt mne dye habis,situla jwpnnnye.hehehe....insya Allah..aku akn kuatkn diri!!trimas bnyk2 krne melawat blog aku :D

Fariza said... [balas komen ini~]

kat mane dia habis??xpaham.....0_o

'afifah azam said... [balas komen ini~]

oh..meaning,kt mane basmalah tu habis dibaca,situla jwpnnya...dah xpayah ikut cara aku tu...bkn betul p0n..kalo ko buat,mmg semua jwpn ko sama jer