Saturday, December 21, 2013

An Informal Letter to My Sister

Assalamu'alaikum =)

I'm writing for you today because i'm not sure whether i can meet you this weekend or not. And i also not sure whether i'm gonna have strength to talk to you, to deliver something from my heart face to face with you. but i want you to know that i am sincerely saying this to you.

first of all, i would like to congratulate you for your success in PMR. you did the best and i am proud of having you as my sister =) seriously, if someone were at your place i never think that they can do as best as what you did. you did good job and you have proved that you can be at the same level as others.

forget about the 'must' of getting straight As for your examination. that's all rubbish. that's not the goal of your life. that's not a definition of a 'human' either. you see people around you, not all successful people passed their examination with flying colors and not all people who once succeed are living their life happily. you know that our life is like a wheel. you will not forever be at the bottom. there is always room for improvement. believe in Allah. remember Him. all you need to do is stand up, become stronger, do your best and leave the rest to Him.

never try to impress people because they will never satisfy with whatever you present to them. either you do good or bad, they will always talk about you. do whatever you like. we will always be there for you. you can always turn to us, your family because we are here to help you, to support you and to guide you. whenever people criticize your mistake, think about it for a while, learn something and move on. if you asked me how i define a person as a successful person, i would say that a person who falls down for numerous time until he manage to reach the finish line is better than who can reach it without facing any difficulties. because the best teacher is experience.

you are still young and there are so many things that you can learn out there. don't ever give up. choose your path and go through it with your strength, determination and talent. you have met various kind of people and in future be prepared and alert if you encounter the same kind of people. don't ever be pressured, struggle beyond your capacity to be at the same level as others. you are unique, everyone has their own way to shine. if you did that, you'll get nothing except tiredness. remember what i said before? don't ever try to impress the-never-satisfied-people.

so, lil' sis. shed your tears, smile and move on. i told you, if someone asked you ' cuba jadi macam kakak tu,' it's better for you to close your ears and quickly forget the words because it is not fun of being me. you have your own shoes, you wear it and you know how comfortable it is for you and you know which part you should fix if you become uncomfortable wearing it sometimes. do your best with your own way and enjoy the life. insha Allah, you will succeed and satisfied =D

good luck! may Allah ease your journey =)

your sister =)
nawwarhanifah aka ipah

2 respons terhadap bicara saya:

Fatin Filzati said... [balas komen ini~]

pesanan tulus daripada seorang kakak.
truly, saya pun akan nasihatkan perkara yang sama kepada adik. Life's too brief untuk jadi orang lain kan

all the best, bakal dentist :)

nawwar_hanifah said... [balas komen ini~]

@Fatin Filzati

thanks =) insha Allah,all the best too future engineer =D