Sunday, May 11, 2014

boleh tukar kos tak?

Assalamu'alaikum =)

this is a short update since i received quite many questions(xlah banyak mana pun snanye tp boleh tahan pening jugak) regarding tamhidi.

honestly brothers and sisters, i WAS  a tamhidi student, which i 'caps-lock'ed the word because i want to make it clear that EVERYTHING that i explained, i wrote, i posted in my blog were all based on my experience as a tamhidi student (2010/2011). it is 2014 already and i'm sure many changes have been made.

for example, during my time, we managed to get into BDS without going through interview and CGPA at least 3.30. but my juniors experienced differently from us. recent juniors went through a tough competition which even if your pointer is 3.5 you still can't secure a place for you in FoD.

besides that regarding changing course, i would like to explain again that i managed to change my course from Sc Tech to Dentistry because of available seats in Tamhidi of Dentistry 2010/2011. which means i never wrote any application letter to change my course and i never had any experience going through the procedure because i was offered to change the course.

finally, if you guys have anything to asked regarding course etc, i recommend you to ask Tamhidi Centre itself since they have the authority to explain it, unlike me.

thanks =)

anyway, congrats for future-Tamhidi-student. i wish you guys luck and may Allah ease your journey =D

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