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those are my nicknames since my primary school and it changes as i moved to another school. 

i have various nicknames. haha~and i don't clear on why they call me actually, except some.

BETTY. during primary school's time, my classmates called me with Betty. are you familiar with that name? maybe yes if you watch Yo Soy Betty La Fea that was shown on tv at that time. i was the fan of that drama, a telenovela from Mexico. when my classmates got knew that i love that show, they started calling me with that name until the last day of we being a standard six student.

next is P-TALL. this is my nickname when i entered SMKA Pedas. in our batch at that time, we have 3 Afifah and they have to call us full with our father's name or full name to prevent us from being confuse. for example, Afifah Azam, Afifah Norman and Afifah Liyana. so, when i was in form 2, they decided to call me with new nickname which is P-Tall. P stands for Pipah actually and Tall because i am one of the tallest student besides 2 other my friends in our batch. luckily, boys didn't called me with that name at that time, but i guess maybe some of them know about it. today, i still being called by that name by certain of my friends, especially those who know it already.

when i moved to Maahad, i become a very talkative person. i don't know why actually. maybe because it was a new environment and i think i should start making new friends or else  i can't survive. yes, friends is one of the important thing that you should have. so, i became a very 'ramah-tamah-punya-orang' and alhamdulillah, i manage to make friends with them. because i am soooo talkative,love to talk all time except during sleeping, so they call me HYPER, from the word 'hyperactive'. i admit, maybe at that time i was quite active. haha~active in talking only. ngeh3. until today, they still call me with that name. but only by certain people.

next is KAKPAH, which is still being called by some of my friends today. when i was in tamhidi, initially they call me 'Afifah. and the idea to call me Kakpah was from my housmates actually. this is because i am tall and they said i have the sense of "kekakakan". haha~and then it spreads among my female classmates and suddenly one of my male classmates got knew about it and he started calling me Kakpah. so, when he initiated that nicknames among my male classmates, other boys also call me kakpah. when is it i become your sister eh? haha~in conclusion, that is my nickname until now.

so, not many people call me Afifah actually. some call me Fifah, Pah and my family call me with Ipah. even my six brothers and sisters don't call me KakPah. sometimes only, if my parent advice them with, "panggil kakpah la. itukan kakak tu," but you know, it is their habit to not call me with kakak. and i don't mind.

however, i really appreciate if any people that know me call me 'Afifah. have you heard that name is a du'a? meaning, if you call a people with their name, you are praying for them actually. for example, my name is 'Afifah, that means modest, chaste (not sure actually, haha~copy paste from a website). so, it is better if you call a person with their real name. but honestly, i don't mind if you still calling me with any of my nicknames as long as you don't pray something bad for me. ahaha~don't su'u zhon, 'afifah. 

i write this entry because an incident happened last week. we as first year student had to collect seniors', lecturers' and staffs' signature. when i want to get a senior's signature, he asked my name and meaning of my name. i felt quite weird but i just answered with " nama saya 'Afifah. makna dia yang menjaga diri,". as he finished and handed me my paper with his signature, he said, "ha..ingat makna nama tu,". gulp. suddenly i felt like, "alamak..kenapa ea dia tanya aku macam tu?". no, suddenly i reflect myself, " alamak, mesti aku ada buat perangai pelik2 sampai bila dia tahu nama aku, dia suruh aku ingat maksud nama tu supaya aku jadi sama macam maksud nama yang ayah aku bagi masa aku lahir dulu,". huhu~

thanks actually for reminding me with my name. simple and very near to me, but sometimes i don't realise it. name reflects ourselves. that's why our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) once changed a man's name because it brings bad meaning. 

so, what is your preference now? i don't mind if you call me kakpah, or p-tall or Hyper. but I strongly prevent you from calling me betty. if you want to call with better pronounciation, maybe you can call me KokPoh. haha!! sspecial for my Kelantanese friends. i don't mind either.

*be proud with your name =)*

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