Friday, May 27, 2016

" ahhh!! hantu!!"

I just got back from attending a program at Masjid Saadah. I was supposed to be there after Isyak, but because I was in rush, soon after I finished my dinner I went straight away to the venue and decided to perform Isyak prayer there.

After I took my wudhuk, I couldn't wear my tudung properly because there is no mirror available at the wudhuk area, thus I entered the prayer area with my tudung covering half of my face. When I was about to enter, a boy blocked my way and stared at me. I hate to lose, thus I counterattacked him. 

" Ahhh!!! Hantu!!"

That's how he surrendered. 

Adlina said the boy replied correctly when I told her about this hahaha.

Well, should I apply more BB cream after this?


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