Friday, December 18, 2015

FoD's Student Colloquium & OMFS Posting at HUSM

Assalamu'alaikum =)

i've been quite lazy recently updating on my dental student's life though sometimes i get the chance to do so. usually i typed few words whenever i had time to write new entry but then it stops at the middle when i fell asleep beside my laptop.

so, please pray for me. i really want to make this one *insert emoji smiling brightly*

last Thursday i had my dental student's colloquium. finally the time to present my hardwork for the past 6 months arrived. i spent my final semester break at faculty in order to complete my research as my research is lab-based. it was still Raya mood at that moment plus i just came back from kampung where my dad was admitted due to MI. doing a lab-based research taught me many things. apart from all microbe thingy that i have to refresh, i also learnt that whatever you do, you must remember that things will never happen according to what you want, it is Allah who determine it. and i am very grateful for that because we human sometimes forget the concept of 'tawakkal'.

to all my juniors, if you choose to do a lab-based research, first thing you need to remember is be patient. then never give up. always remember that microorganisms are Allah's creation too and without His will, they will never grow though sometimes you may think that you've tried your best to provide the suitable condition for them. but trust me, lab-based research is very fun and i enjoyed doing it. although we didn't get the result like what we hope.

did my best and i love it =D
next i have to attend my oral and maxillofacial surgery posting at Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia. it was my first time going to Kelantan and me and my group members were the second last group attended the posting. i've heard a lot of experiences from my friends who already went there and i was envied because they said when you've been there, you'll forget everything in USIM and will want to stay there. seriously it is. although this is my second day after the posting ended, i still cant get over it. i hope it will get better as soon as possible because the reality is my life is here, in USIM.

i went there last Saturday and we arrived around 4pm. Husna fetched us(me and Khalies) from the airport and brought us to her house. there she served us bread pudding and banana cakes that were very delicious. soon after the tea, she sent us to motel where we're gonna stay for the whole posting.

this is us when there is free time =)
overall, i can say that i enjoyed the posting so much because i was exposed to procedures as well as cases that i've never seen before. actually we usim students joined usm students who are attending omfs posting as well although our schedules are slightly different. they are so kind and friendly and i can see they are much better compared to us in terms of skill especially in this posting. plus the OMFS lecturers are very kind and helpful though everytime they asked us question i always answered quietly., one of my flaw is i am lack in confidence to answer even if i know the answer because i always feel scared to be embarrased. can someone fix me please huhu

few students were allowed to enter OT at certain amount of time so when we swapped with other students, here we are!! selfie =P
i also get to join oncall. we were already on our bed at that moment when we received a call from the oncall officer regarding the new case. as we reached the red zone, all the doctors on duty were trying their best to manage the patient and stabilize him. after his airway is secured and painkiller is administered intravenously, he was passed to us for management on his facial part that were involved in the accident. he was bleeding profusely especially from the mouth and i noticed it came from a through and through laceration wound on his lips as well as on his palate. he was also presented with fractures at several regions on his mandible and maxilla. i was shocked looking at his injuries and i wonder how much force he have received in and how much pain he must have been bearing with receiving such injuries.

i get to see the patient clearly because i get to assist Dr to fix archbar on his jaw in order to stabilise the fracture. when i touched the fractured segment, my hairs stand because it is very loose. it took three hours to suture all the laceration wounds and fixed the arch bar and finally we get to sleep around 4am. it was our last night in HUSM and when i remembered that i have to leave the next morning, i was kinda sad.

and i still feel it until this moment.

anyway, back to reality 'afifah. 

USM is awesome but so USIM. hehe i love them both, for all experiences that add colours to my life's canvas =D

cant wait to graduate!! please pray for me.. i am getting demotivated nowadays. tried my best to keep the spirit at its level and please pray that i'll never do something unusual haha~

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