Tuesday, December 8, 2015

may Allah bless, Tunku Jalil


recently, we were shocked by the news of Tunku Jalil, a Johor Prince passed away last Saturday due to liver cancer. i'm not an avid follower of him on his social media account, but i know about him from others.

looking at the pictures and status of the late Tunku's family, i share the same feeling. not because i exprienced the same  thing but somehow anyone of us would feel the same whenever we are at their place.

however, we as the one who still alive should take lesson from him. may Allah bless his soul and place him among the ones He grants His blessing. and may we, the one who will be following soon to make this as a point to improve ourselves better from now.

my newsfeed are flooded with his kindness when he was alive. hence i learned that as long as you are given the chance to live, be someone who benefits others. be someone that left behind your kindness, as they are the things that will keep you alive. you might be a nobody, but you can be somebody with your kind act.

another thing for us to reflect is that this is the reality of life. you might be the one who send your parents to the grave but it can be the other way round. the picture of Sultan Ibrahim crying touched my heart the most. all i hope is may the family will be strong and patient.

may Allah shower our beloved ones with His blessing, here and hereafter. aamiin.

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