Thursday, May 13, 2010

am i wrong?

salam..pagi tadi lepas subuh i managed to recite Al-Qur'an after a long time i forget about it.i read the translation and i don't remember from what verse but the verse said "and devil had made them felt happy around the wrong thing they have done".all of sudden,i felt that what am i doing is really wrong.of course,when we found a mistake in our likeness,we will fight and say that what we are doing is true and always find a way to win it.i take a simple example.i watch akademi fantasia and when people said that the program is such a lagha,broke the attitude of teenagers today,wasting time...i replied on myself that i am watching the show because i have too much time and i don't know what to do to fill the empty space in my day.then i asked to myself,am i among the one who denying the mistakes i have done?and,does the satan has lies to me and always blow the happiness to my heart and make me be lied with it?

truly i say,i need guidance.i want to be a new one yet i'm not transforming myself into a new one that is serious in all time.i need a friend and advice.please correct me when i do wrong. everyone is not a perfect person and we may reach the perfectness by always advising and remind each other. i am not finding a person whom has intention to change someone by speaking rudely.i do not respect that kind of people.

Ya Allah,i ask Your guidance so that i always do a true thing based on Your way.i seek your protection from the devil and i seek confidence so that i always believe that You always be with me.i also seek your love so that i can always be on your way,finding your love and forgive me.

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