Friday, December 28, 2012


Assalamu'alaikum =)

rct!! *taken by sony experia kwn sebelah..haha~
currently, i am doing practical on root canal treatment during my Operative Technique session. and i do the practical on that small tooth mounted on POP. for your information, we are working blindly this time because the root is inside the tooth and we cannot confirm what we are doing is correct until x-ray is taken.

see how messy my bench was? i work with small files and sometimes i did not noticed i dropped it on the floor. those are too small. patients can even swallow it accidentally if precaution is not being taken by applying rubber dam.

anyway, i am glad that i have gone through the procedure so far with smooth and silky =D haha~i am very satisfied whenever my supervisor said " good" or "okay, you may proceed to the next step". it is not i have done the best but i am happy that i know, i am belong to this course although i once felt give up when i did not get good marks for my restoration practical before this. oh, but that does not mean that i will never do mistake while doing RCT procedures in future. i just hope i can give the best treatment to my patients soon.

pray the best for us, the fifth batch of USIM's dental school =D 

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