Sunday, April 10, 2016

one book a month

Assalamu'alaikum =)

I love reading so much, thanks to my dad for bringing us to library since we were small besides buying me and my siblings lots of books, be it story books or books related to our academics. Well I enjoyed reading 'Buku Contoh Karangan' too when I had nothing to read haha.

Last month I received my last BB1M (insha Allah I'm graduating soon, please pray huhu). For the past 4 years, I had to put dental books as my priority thus I faced the problems of buying books from another genre. I have my scholarship but those are for my bags, tudungs and all sorts of baju and jubah as well as my food hunting. So, no portion for books and it was my biggest mistake. Never do that again, kay?

Fortunately, I've bought all dental related books that I think to be essential for me as an undergraduate so this year, I get to spend my BB1M on non dental books. Say hurray! So during Putrajaya International Book Fair, I spent more than half of my vouchers on books that have been in my mind for the past few months. Most books are in Malay, so to avoid feeling guilty for not reading English, I picked a book, with the title 'Anne Frank: The Diary of Young Girl'.

I always have this kind of problem: what book should I buy? Particularly English books. Because I'm not a fast reader and this problem get worse when the book that I read is not in my mother tongue language. I'm not so into romance but I never reject reading those kind of book. I'm more into thriller unfortunately I have problem with time and whenever I pause my reading, my interest towards the book slowly fade away. Hence whenever I came across English books, I would pick a book regarding based on true story. 

So, that's how I own this book.

Courtesy of Google Image because my phone's camera stop working since last year which I have no idea why so I had to search for the image. I learned about the author (Anne Frank) from some blogs that I visited. Because it is based on true story plus the time setting is during the war, I keen to know the story. According to reviews, this story is inspiring. I guess I made a right choice.

Can't wait to finish the book. Anyway, since I bought a lot on last book fair, I have to set my target to read at least a book in a month. My wish is to travel around the world but currently I have many limitations. In order to fulfill that, I can travel to many places at any time without any limit through reading. So, wish me luck and may I get to achieve my goal =)

For those who are interested to know the story, get your copy from your nearby bookstore. I hope you guys enjoy reading it. 

By the way, if you wish to share your favourite book, don't hesitate to drop your comment on the comment section below. Thanks for reading =)

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