Sunday, April 3, 2016


sila maafkan tangan hamba yang gemuk dan selalu menyebabkan typo ni
I love to put henna on my nails. Doing so would make me feel like my skin tone appear brighter (self-hypnotise) haha.

Once my friend approached me when others have left for the clinical session and asked me in her deep serious tone,

" kakpah kenapa kau pakai inai sebenarnya?"

I guess she was too curious and she might have imagined that I get married secretly without my friends knowledge.

Relax, girl. We are #theonlybatch right?

Well, I am waiting for the day where I get to apply henna on my nails happily plus feeling nervous. 

Yes, 'that' day.

Anyway, today is the asking friend's birthday =) May your life be blessed.

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