Tuesday, April 26, 2016

my beloved #theonlybatch

we shared the same laugh, tears and smile since five years ago. 
since the first day I met you guys, I knew that this journey is not gonna be easy. 
we laughed the same laugh when we heard jokes together, 
we smiled happily and gratefully when we were told that we passed every pro exam. 
we bear the same feeling of not being able to lift our head when people laughed at our dance and songs we sang. 
we made that pokerface everytime people said none among us is married during our study when some of our juniors are already one step ahead and we are proud of that.
 everyday, we have each other because no one can truly understand us, 
even our parents, because the one that always by us everyday is us. 
because we bear the same pain when we stumbled while carrying ourselves forward to reach our destination. 
this journey gonna be tough without you, #theonlybatch. 

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