Sunday, April 17, 2016

Redha: A Review

Assalamu'alaikum =)

basically this post's title should not be a review since i am nobody to make a movie review. but there are things that i learned after i watched the movie and perhaps i can include some of my opinions regarding the movie.

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this is a movie telling us a story about an autistic child with his in-denial father and a kind and strong mother. his mother already accept the fact that his son has 'something special' therefore tried her best to cope with her son's special ability. on the other hand her husband can't accept it until something happened (i'm not going to tell what it is) where he finally realizes the truth and being 'redha'. there are scenes that indirectly/directly criticize people's attitude towards autistic kids's behaviour when they are in public.

overall, i give 5 stars for this awesome movie. the shots are beautiful, in fact their shooting sites are correctly picked. all actors gave their all as no 'kayu' acting in this movie. most importantly, this movie brought me tears.

seeing how difficult it is to give instructions to the autistic kids, i wonder how i would be able to treat them in dental clinic if i meet this kind of patient when i'm working soon? even treating a normal child sometimes are quite challenging. thus i learned that this is another part of behavioural management that i need to master. yes i might be only a dental officer and most kids with special disability are referred to paediatric dentists, but who knows if dental officer is the one who first recognises that that child has something different through it's appearance and behaviour? i might at least help a bit even not much.

in conclusion, i love this movie. go watch it and help spread awareness regarding autism. there are many people out there that need to open their minds and stop discriminating those who are blessed with special ability.

hope you guys enjoy watching it =)

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