Monday, March 29, 2010

life with expectations

actually, i want to correct my word..not life with expectation but yes,i is fuuuuuullllll with expectations..why are people thinking that i might achieved what i dreamed?did they just looking at my result and confirm on themself that i am able to reach what they dream?am i being born to this world just to get through my life based on what people want me to be?i am really really really really (i am tired typing this word)....ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!dont ever2 try my patience...wuuuhh...okay,i repeat my say,i am really tired going through life full with there no one want to understand what i am thinking?no one?urhhh......i hate all this...okay,stop babbling all the way about my,i wanted to know,whether dreaming on someone is a good habit or not?ahhhhh....malas aku nak tulis dalam bhse inggeris la bahana study untuk muet...ya Allah,aku harap dapat tawaran yg aku nak...i'm not a people that bornt with a bucket full of golden spoon in it...erhghhhhh..aku tertanye2..knpe?knpe?knpe dia benci aku sjk lps result kuar?ape sala aku?aku dpt 9 jer..kurang satu dari dia...knpe perlu aku dibenci..urghhhh.....lots of question mark in my mind...wuushhhhh...too tired thinking of this matter.can i have a space for myself?can i have a time to thinking on what i am to be only ME MYSELF?warggahhhhhhhhhhh...ow..wrong spelling to shout as loud as you want...hmm...nothing more to say..i lost my word..chow..

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