Friday, April 2, 2010


i found this idiom last night while i preparing myself on muet.the idiom said,absence makes heart grow fonder...hmm,i'm thinking for a while.last night,i had a scary dream with him again..i was HIM!!!aaaaaaa....let me shout as loud as i want..uuh.sighed.however,the main point i want to discuss here is, like he want to say..urghhh..looks like he's getting kind with's okay..we're getting good enough now...but!!!hahaha..too funny till i forgot to laugh..huhu..why is he always come in my dream?i am really tired of this!when will this weird dream stop haunting me?wuu...okay,i got to go now..till we meet again..sorry for the grammatical error.i am the one whom trying realize my mistakes..

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