Thursday, September 27, 2012

cleanliness is part of faith (betul ke BI aku nih?)


long time without new entry. i had so many things to be told but once i logged into Blogger account, I totally forgot it. dush2.

so, let's get straight to the point. all of us know that cleanliness is part of faith and it potrays our akhlak. as what i have learned from my FIK Akhlak's lecture, akhlak is one thing that you do without thinking. for example, you eat bun while waiting for the bus and after you finish it, you could not see any dustbin nearby you. so, what will your action be?

one, are you going to throw it on the pavement and ignore it?

two, or you fold it and keep it in your bag and throw it when you found a dustbin later.

this is the common thing that still happen among our community. that is why, eventhough in certain area the authorities have put signboard prohibiting littering, people around it still not aware and throw rubbish outside dustbin provided. 

it is simple to keep our environment clean. we claimed that we are Muslim, when non-Muslim insulted our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) we get angry and do demonstration to prove our objection towards their action but in the same time, we humiliate our religion by acting contradict to what Islam taught us.

taking good care of cleanliness, even throwing rubbish into the dustbin, how small it is can give us reward that even we do not know how big it will be. in reality, i have seen people that love to do good thing but they are lacking in taking care of cleanliness. they advice people to be good but in the same time, they fail in showing good akhlak, for example throw rubbish anywhere and ignore it.

yeah, everyone is not perfect and in fact, we will never reach perfection but there will always be room for improvement. remember, Rasulullah (peace be upon him) always show good akhlak and his good akhlak has made many non-Muslim at his time converted to Islam. how about us? we are doing little da'wah (quote Angel Pakai Gucci) and in the same time, we show little akhlak that prove us as a Muslim. we hope that the number of Muslim increasing but still, we do not put more effort to reach it.

so, let's start with this tiny thing. simpe, isn't it? keep our environment clean and insya Allah, we will feel happy looking at our surrounding environment and live our life comfortably. do not look throwing rubbish away as an insignificant matter because it is the matter of our heart and it signifies our level of imaan.

it is small, but you can change it =) let's keep reminding each other~

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